Sunday, July 7, 2013

July Fourth Fun

What a busy and fun July 4th we had this past week!

After a beautiful morning run (both Jack and I were able to get nice runs in!), we headed to Starbucks to start the festivities. Because every holiday possible should start with a visit to the 'Bucks, right?! We needed drinks for the parade. And Horizons vanilla milk (a treat in this house!) does not disappoint.

We then proceeded to the annual Downtown Patriots Day Parade. It's the largest parade in the community and a lot of fun. Even better when it's a bit breezy and overcast (this year) as opposed to sticky, muggy, sunny, and extra-hot (every other year). 

Part of the joy of my work is allowing my kids to take part in it. Our Stay to Play campers and other Hutch Rec folks did a fantastic job decorating our float. And of course the kidlets wanted to play on it before the parade kicked off.

Jack's mom had to work that morning, so Grandpa Scaliwag parked his truck along Main Street extra-early so the babes would have a great place to watch the parade. Best seats we've had in recent memory. 

And since it was such a prime time location, the kidlets enjoyed extra-special treats from the parade participants, including popsicles and enough candy that shames the Halloween stash they received this past year. 

Following a relaxing afternoon of naps (always a treat to rest when the babes rest!), we enjoyed swimming at grandma and papa's and then a cook-out. My brother and his girlfriend, along with my grandparents, also joined us. It was a fun, relaxing way to round out the patriotic holiday. We capped it off with fireworks and bean bag toss competition among the couples - Jack/I, my parents, and Andy/Sidney. I won't mention what couple happened to beat BOTH of the other couples.... ;)

 We left stuffed with food, family fun, and patriotic pride. God Bless America!

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