Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Mackie's "Big Girl" Race!

Mackie had her first "big girl" race this past Saturday. If you remember, she had her first-ever racing experience at the Cleveland Marathon kid's event back in May. Her age group did a 50-yard dash. Fun, but she pretty much finished the race thinking, "That's it?"

So on a whim I signed her up for a one-mile fun run at a recent race I participated in. I already had registered for the 10K and one-mile race (my cool-down) and figured, why not include Mackie in the fun? We asked if she'd like to run-walk the one-mile race with mommy, and my little runner gleefully screamed yes....and then asked if we could practice around the neighborhood ('atta girl!).

You could tell she was excited. She planned her outfit and laid it out the night before (just like mommy). And come race day, when we entered her room at the early hour of 5 a.m., she shot up immediately and screamed "Race Day!"

She couldn't wait for mommy's 10K to be over so she could get to the start line of the one-mile race.

And the little miss did it! We had talked and practiced about walking when she wanted and running she felt like it. But during the race, as soon as we'd walk, a group of kiddos would come running by and she'd happily yell to start running again. (competitive, perhaps?!) I'd say she ran about .75 miles of the 1-mile event!

It was a joy giggling with her throughout the run. She couldn't stop smiling when we entered the school parking lot and she saw the finish line banner (as the pics will show!). 

We are so proud of her! She finished her race in 12:00. Of course daddy and her "set a goal" of 15:00. (can you tell he's a coach?! I mean, seriously - who sets a "goal time" for a one-mile fun run!) 

Before our fun run, I raced my 10K in the heat and humidity. I've had a terrible time adjusting to the heat this summer. Jack tells me it's probably because we've been up and down on temps so often (mornings ranging in the 60s and lower 70s one week to the upper 70s and lower 80s another week) that my body hasn't had a consistent time to adjust. He also reminds me that the last few years have been more of a dry heat - and while they've probably been hotter, the humidity adds an entirely more difficult element to the mixture of heat in the Kansas summers. (He's a smart guy, I tell ya!)

I had my great cheerleading section before, during, and after the race.

And managed to finish in 51:52. About two minutes slower than my PR this past spring, but not my worst 10K effort. 

Thanks for another great event, Betsey! We're looking forward to making the Titan 10K and Quick Mile an annual family event.

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