Sunday, July 7, 2013

Marathon Pics that Didn't Make the Cut

I happened to be going through some pics this week and stumbled across these - the ones that didn't quite make the cut of my original Cleveland Marathon posts from way back in May. (doesn't that seem like ages ago?! Where on earth did June go?)

Hubs showing his support the morning of the race.

Obviously early on in the race (I'm the goofy one in the green!). I believe this was just after Mile 1.

This is the only pic that Jack was able to capture after that first mile. I don't really even know where I'm at in this pic, but I remember this is around the half-way point, when I begged Jack for ibuprofin and picked up the dolly that Mackie had dropped on the ground next to her. I remember the spectators around Jack laughing at the fact that I was mommying even in race mode. It never stops, right mamas?! :)

 My little diva before her big race. Not cooperating.

 Still not cooperating. No pictures, please.

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