Sunday, August 4, 2013

(Almost) Four Going on Fourteen

In one short week, my baby girl will be turning four. 


I've been pretty weepy these last few weeks, especially since August hit just days ago. It happens every year...I realize just how fast the past year has gone, and how fast my baby is slowly turning into a little lady. 

I remember what was going through my mind four years ago - anxious that we'd finally meet our baby girl this month once the calendar turned to August. It's probably my favorite part of pregnancy - the anxious weeks leading up to labor, the labor and delivery itself (yes, I loved both of my labors - call me crazy), and the newness of having a newborn at home to love on and constantly snuggle in the weeks following. If I could just capture that moment in time (fast forwarding through the first 8 months of pregnancy and the 4-5 month old who is struggling with sleep and scheduling), I'd gladly have more children. Seriously.

I remember visiting my cousin's wife in the hospital the night before my due date with Mackie. She had given birth to a beautiful baby boy. I joked with the nurses that my due date was indeed the next day and remember laughing as I told them maybe I'd see them tomorrow. 

That's exactly what happened.

My water broke just before midnight on Mackie's due date (Aug. 13). And just 4 hours after I left the hospital seeing my cousin's baby, I returned - this time about to give birth. Ten hours and a wonderful labor and delivery later, our sweet Mackenzie Claire entered the world at 10:03 a.m., weighing in at 7 pounds, 13 ounces, and 20 1/4 inches long. 

She had her daddy wrapped around his finger instantly. He was so proud of his little pumpkin, to the point where he even picked out her "going home" attire.

She soon turned one year old. I remember not seeing her for most of her birthday due to it falling on night before a huge special event (Salty Dog Triathlon). Bad mommy. But we did manage to have a great time celebrating the next day (minus the breaking out in hives post-party).

Turning one was bittersweet. I nursed her for the last time. She was walking, starting to talk (not just babble), and moving (too quickly) out of the baby stage.

Another year passed, and we found her turning two. I was seven months pregnant and it was a super hot summer. She definitely was getting to be a big girl - already potty trained, putting sentences together (that made actual sense), and becoming quite the independent one as she prepped to become a big sister.

And then another year passed and she turned three. Out of the toddler phase. Into the preschool years.

A lot happened this past year - she attended Wee Wigglers preschool program once a week; moved up into actual Sunday School and Cubbies classes at church; participated in the church Christmas program; was able to take Hutch Rec art classes; was on her own in swimming lessons this summer; learned how to dress and brush her teeth by herself; write her name; recognize all of her letters and numbers; the list goes on and on.

A good (and very wise!) fellow sister in Christ and dear friend noted that four is a hard age to gulp down as a mama because it's the age of a child. One is still a baby; two is a toddler; three is a toddler moving into a preschooler; but four? Four is getting to be a child. A big girl. One who's entering preschool in a month. One who's starting gymnastics in two weeks. One who may be going off to kindergarten in a year, which means it could quite possibly be her last year at home if this is what the Lord wills us to do with her education.


I'll have an upbeat post on her fun Under the Sea party we're planning for her this weekend. And our birthday trip to see "Mary Poppins" production put on by the Music Theatre of Wichita. And her actual birthday of turning the big FOUR on Aug. 13.

In the meantime, I'll just weep a little longer and reminisce of the days where she found complete comfort in snoozing away in my arms, without a care in the world.

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dana said...

Thanks. I'm crying now. Sigh. Love you, friend!