Friday, August 16, 2013

Birthday Girl Celebration!

By the time Mackie's birthday rolled around, we had been celebrating for a good two days. So we played it low-key. Spent a lot of time together, just the four of us.

Mackie could choose to go out to eat at breakfast, lunch, or dinner. She immediately said Ken's Pizza for dinner. However, that changed on Sunday, as we were driving home past Yoder and Carriage Crossing. She quickly changed her mind and opted for cinnamon rolls for breakfast. 

But first....a run-in with one of our favorite pastors, who's always good for a sucker. Because why not have a sucker before a cinnamon roll? 

I don't think our family of four has ever been to Carriage Crossing for breakfast before. Both kids thought it was great - and why wouldn't you? Cinnamon rolls the size of a large dinner plate. Lots of sugar. Lots of frosting. Pure bliss when you're a toddler and preschooler.

Mackie opened her last round of presents: aside from the trip to see "Mary Poppins," we bought her a Junior Wildcat Club membership (go STATE - the best gift!), Fancy Nancy books, a bead-jewelry making kit, some new shoes for preschool, and the Mary Poppins soundtrack (it plays in my head!). 

And from Brax she received a Sophia the First doll and a puppy dog card. Brother is so thoughtful!

We capped off her big day with a shopping trip to Target (she had birthday money from relatives that was burning a hole in her pocket - hello, princess aisle!), baking sugar cookies, and ravioli casserole for supper. Not too shabby!

And now we've already begun the 4-yr-old adventures. Gymnastics started last night and we went to preschool open house to meet her teachers and classmates. Mackie also went to her 4-yr-old check-up at the doc yesterday. She's 42 3/4 inches (95th percentile), 39 pounds (75th percentile), and has a BMI of 15, which basically concludes what we already know in that she's long, lean, and pretty much pure muscle. A volleyball/basketball/runner in the works!

Crazy to think this "big girl" life is already starting!

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