Thursday, August 15, 2013

Birthday Weekend Fun!

Mackie had quite the birthday weekend! We joked that by the time her birthday came around, she'd be tired from all of the celebrating (she wasn't, by the way). 

We kicked off our celebration with her birthday party on the 10th (Yes, that's the same day as the Salty Dog Triathlon. So on three hours sleep, with only a few hours in between events, I yet again decided to go crazy and pull them both off on the same day. Yes, I'm insane.)

Mackie is in love with The Little Mermaid. Due to the high number of boys in our family, we went for a mermaid and Under the Sea theme to accommodate both the little boys and girls on the party list. We kept it simple (again, two big events on the same day make for one crazy mama) and relatively inexpensive. 

Jack did an awesome job with an Under the Sea twister game. I found some clearance plastic tablecloths at Walmart and bought a couple - one for the party table and another for the game. He then found some sea creatures pics, printed them off, and made his own spinner using our Chutes and Ladders game. Genius, I tell you. 

There were millions of (super duper fancy) cupcake ideas on Pinterest. I went with simple. Because again, I knew I'd be up at midnight decorating and frosting cupcakes. Mackie and I cut out mermaid tails on colorful cardstock a few days before and taped them to toothpicks. I then went the easy route - store-bought whipped cream cheese frosting and cake mix from the box (gasp!) but added a few more ingredients to make them semi-homemade. (Secret ingredient: almond and a little extra oil. It makes a huge difference in the cake!)

When feeding 25-30 people, it's all about keeping it simple. We ordered pizza from Ken's (I attempted to cut them into star shapes for a starfish theme, but alas, ran out of time and talent). We also had Oyster Pearls (grapes and blueberries); Sand Dollars & Shark Teeth (cheese and crackers); and Seaweed with Dip (veggies and dip). Fun, cute, and super easy. I scored double with some crazy bargains at Dillons that week on produce, too, which always makes me happy!

I have to say this party was fun and laid back. The kiddos are getting older and at the age where you can actually let them go and play while the adults (somewhat) talk and catch up. Mackie had a blast with her cousins and her extended family - the sitter and kiddos.

The girl made bank, too. She'll be styling as she heads to preschool in a few weeks. She has enough play-doh and craft activities to keep her busy for at least a week. And....she has a new hobby to learn as she received her first BIKE! (yes, it's John Deere!) Excited for her new adventures in bike riding.

Our celebration continued the following day, when I took her on a special mommy-daughter date to Music Theater of Wichita's "Mary Poppins." Our sitter made her a super-cute Mary Poppins dress (the bottom layer of fabric has Mary Poppins riding her umbrella over the rooftops!). She matched the sitter's daughters and we had to meet up during the show and snap a quick pic. 

Alas, the birthday weekend o'fun ended. BUT....we still have the actual birthday to get through! Next up, I'll journal about my sweet pea's first big day as a four year old and her stats from the dr's appointment this morning. (hint: she's long and lean!)

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