Saturday, August 24, 2013

Brax's (upcoming) Birthday!

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Brax's birthday is about six weeks away.

But with the last special event in the race series (one of the largest - our Run for the Rocks half marathon!) in late September, life gets hectic. Do I know how to have kids around race season or what?! ;)

That being said, I've been planning for Brax's big birthday bash already. Brax is really into tractors and big trucks - especially with all of the school construction going on in our neighborhood - so it made perfect sense to have a construction-themed party. Plus, I found some really cute ideas on Pinterest.

And thanks to the great Pampers codes, I was able to get Brax's super-cute invites on Shutterfly for (almost) free. Of course you don't want to know what we spent in dipes to get there....

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