Saturday, August 24, 2013

Gettin' Verbal


Oh my sweet Braxton Cade. My ornery-than-I'll-get-out (gets it from his daddy) toddler who will be turning two in just a couple of months. My smartie-pants 22-month old who amazes me with his analytical, cognitive, and motor skills. 

Our little man will not - I repeat will not - communicate using words. Sign what he wants? No problem. 

Give us short commands and sounds that we recognize being with him day in and day out? Sure thing. 

But actually put a few words together (that aren't animal sounds or basic words) and say what he really wants/thinks/feels? Nope.

The little stinker, whether it's his will not to do it, his desire of not wanting to do it, or because he has a very verbal 4-yr-old sister who says and does everything for him, will not talk.

It's difficult to try and teach someone how to talk. Especially when big sis started putting 2-3 word sentences together at just 18-20 months and spoke clear from the beginning.

But Braxton is not his sister. And his sister may be the reason the little man will just not talk - because he doesn't have to with her meeting his every need.

We have been meeting with Early Ed in recent weeks to discuss what we can do for Brax as he approaches his second birthday. If I were to follow the Babycenter advice (which I don't, by the way - I unsubscribed to those emails shortly after Mackie's 2nd birthday!), the little man should be saying about 4-5 times the words that he's saying now and actually putting together 2-3 word commands and sentences.

Who needs Babycenter anyway?!

Instead, we've been in discussion with our pediatrician from his 18-month check-up a few months ago, and took it a step further to go back to Early Ed as a follow-up from his screening there (we like to take advantage of their infant/toddler/preschool screenings for both of our children - they're wonderful and really do help see where your child is at on a wide range of developmental, emotional, cognitive, and motor skills. Mamas, take advantage of these free screenings!).

This coming week a speech therapist and developmental specialist will be stopping by the house as we start figuring out what we can do to get Brax more verbal. I love how they're willing to come to our house - his main environment - and work with our family. Stay tuned - I'm sure in the coming months (as we get sister off and running at preschool and these sessions), our little man will be talking, talking, talking and we won't be able to get him to stop (worked for me....or so my mom says!).

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