Monday, August 12, 2013

Happy Fourth Birthday, Mackenzie Claire

My dear, sweet Mackenzie Claire,

My how time flies! Four years ago we were welcoming you into the world....

and now look at you! Four years old and becoming quite the little lady.

I pray that Jesus works in your heart and softens it each and every day. That you become closer to Him and rid the ugly sin that festers in all of our hearts, submitting your life to Him. I pray that He uses your spunky and sweet personality to His glory.

You are quite the little miss, my sweet Mackie. You have a way of lighting up a room. I love dropping you off at Sunday School or at an art class or activity and watch as you make your way around the room, saying hi to friends and making new ones. You have quite the knack for making everyone feel welcome and not being a stranger. 

I love your independence (for the most part). And how you help your little brother (when you're not a demanding "little mommy.")

I enjoy your giggles and your gritted teeth when you're sooo happy about something. All of your different smiles are just plain glorious and hilarious, all at once.

I love your love for others. How you care about your friends and family when they're sick or going through a hard time. How you remember to pray for them during dinner or at bedtime - no matter how "random" it may seem in between praying for food or the day. 

You are smart. Sometimes too smart. You've always been quite the eloquent talker from early on, and your vocabulary and grammar continue to amaze me. You've recognized all of the uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers. You write your name. You have started to draw objects that are more than just squiggly lines and circles - they actually look like people and objects. You do a great job of coloring in between the lines and cutting with scissors. You could play with play-doh for hours. Such creativity.

You love your baby brother to pieces, your dollies, Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Disney princesses, your Storybook Bible, so many friends to count, and your favorite foods include mac and cheese, any type of veggie or fruit, and you especially enjoy pancakes with peanut butter and syrup for breakfast. 

You enjoy running with mommy and playing catch or fishing with daddy. You have a blast playing outside and would stay out there all day, creating, swinging, digging in the dirt, and telling stories if we'd let you. 

You're definitely a sporty diva, one who enjoys dresses and ribbons and bows, but loves squatting down in the mud with them on and not afraid to get dirty. 

You loved swimming this summer and jumping off of the diving board at papa's pool along with going down the big slide at the Salt City Splash.

But most importantly, you love going to church. You love learning about Jesus and all of the stories Mrs. Heide and Miss Dana and Miss Margaret tell. You love Cubbies on Wednesday night and can't wait for it to start again in the fall so you can get a new book and start learning new Bible verses and songs.

In just a few days you start gymnastics. In just a few short weeks you start preschool. You could very well start kindergarten next year if we decide to send you.


You're growing up, baby girl. 

I pray that as you continue to grow, your love for Jesus grows, too. May your light shine for Jesus as you start stepping more and more into the "real world" and outside the walls of this comfortable home. A place where I wish you could stay forever with me by your side, but I'm excited to see what God has in store for you in that big ole' world out there.

Love you to the moon and back, baby girl. And bunches and bunches and bunches......


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