Thursday, August 22, 2013

New Ministry Opportunities

Jack and I - and our family - have recently taken on a new way to serve at Grace Bible Church.

We couldn't be more excited about it. And scared. And a bit nervous. And, honestly, a little sad (no worries...I explain this one in a few paragraphs down!).

Over the course of this past year, Jack was asked from time to time to teach for our church's College & Career class. He loved it. Great group of young adults. Great age to work with. Brought back memories from our days helping out in the high school ministry (ah, those were the days - kidless, footloose, and fancy free!).

Fast forward several weeks, lots of prayer and nights of discussion, and Jack is now teaching the Sunday morning College & Career class on a regular basis. I'm honored to minister alongside him and get to know this fun group of guys and gals as we (hopefully!) open up our home and our hearts on a frequent basis. (that is, if they don't mind the clutter, fingerprints, cries, and wails that only a toddler and preschooler can bring to a home!)

I'm excited to see my husband use his talents and gifts that the Lord has graciously blessed him with. He's a natural-born teacher, a caring leader, and an overall great guy to be a mentor to our young adults, whether they're his students in school or the young adults at church. I love his passion for teaching God's Word - and the tremendous respect he gives this precious responsibility.

But I'm also a bit fearful of the unknown. You know me - I'm a planner. I'm not sure our exact role and how we'll flesh that out in the weeks to come. I don't know how our kiddos will fit into the mix and the balance of being wife/mommy/supporter/etc/etc.

God is showing me to definitely lay aside the agenda/calendar/to-do lists (aka: my type-A excuses to not be involved in ministering) and go with His timeline and His plan.

It's definitely been an exciting and bittersweet last few weeks. We left the only ABF (Sunday School class) we ever knew (for the last eight years) and some amazing, awesome couples and people in there. We switched services and so it's almost like attending a brand new church in a way (and actually, it's nice to see people who attend our church but who we rarely talked with in the past due to coming and going in different directions).

Pastor Rick has been working through the book of Luke during Sunday morning church service this past year. Several weeks ago, he preached on the Cost of Commitment from Luke 9:51-62, where in the text, Jesus is determined and ready to go to the cross. His disciples, however, are realizing Jesus is the Messiah, but missing the entire point and purpose of the cross.

In his sermon, Rick "brought home" so poignant points: In following Christ, I must remember that my heart is not concerned with comfort; my heart is not confused with devotion; and my heart is not divided in purpose. Do not put conditions on my commitment!

Ministry - in whatever capacity it may be - isn't supposed to be easy-peasy all of the time. It's not supposed to be comfortable. And it's not supposed to be on our timeline and be based on our schedules, our wants, and our needs.

Friends, would you please pray for our family as we embark on this exciting opportunity, one that we pray will bring complete honor and glory to Christ? Stay tuned!

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Kristen said...

What a fun new adventure! I know stepping into a new ministry can be difficult, but I assure you you will be blessed. We work with the Young Married's at our church (sad we are no longer in that category :) and it can be difficult to relate to their lives at times, but it's always so rewarding to worship with them. Praying for you guys as you step into this new role.