Monday, September 16, 2013

EMAW Family

What a fun weekend! Right after I raced the See Jane Run half-marathon on Saturday, I came home, cleaned up, picked up my (much-deserved and FREE!) venti, non-fat, no whip, half the syrup pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks, and we hit the road sporting our purple (and my bright pink compression socks)!

It was Brax's first experience at a K-State home football game and Mackie's first time on the field as a Junior Wildcat. Seriously - if you're a K-State fan, the Jr Wildcat Club is a great gift for your 4+ yr old. Not only do you get a shirt and snazzy bag, but you also get free tickets into every home volleyball, baseball, and womens basketball game, plus discounted tickets to various home football and men's basketball games, plus fun little perks like walking onto the football field! Not too shabby.....

All in all, we had a GREAT time! We arrived at the game a few hours prior to kick-off for some Jr Wildcat festivities and to take in the beautiful, new stadium. We left mid-way through the third quarter after enjoying (way) too much junk food, going up and down a million flights of stairs, and trying to keep a preschooler and toddler entertained when the "fun" of it all wore off. 

The kidlets must have enjoyed themselves, too, because they slept in until 8:30 the next morning. That's like noon around this house!

Resting up for the big game day experience!

Jack and the kiddos outside the basketball stadium. We were treated to Jr Wildcat activities and more inside Bramlage - plus some fist-pounds from Willie!

 Before the game, we toured the new section of Bill Snyder Family Stadium. We hadn't been to a game since 2011 (a shame!) and the new section is BEAUTIFUL! 

Perhaps the highlight of the day was a pre-game Jr Wildcat Parade along the field. Only one parent was able to go with Mackie...Jack was the lucky recipient!

The kidlets and I made it on the jumbo tron (you have to look closely - but we were on there!)

 Not terrible seats...for $15 each!

Mackie is officially a Jr Wildcat. Brax is officially part of the K-State family. And this mama and daddy wouldn't have it any.other.way. EMAW!! #teachemyoung

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