Monday, September 30, 2013

Post-Race Aaahhhhs

I survived another race season!

(One week later) And I'm finally getting around to post highlights from the third and final race coordinating duty, Run for the Rocks Half Marathon (held last Sunday the 22nd). It was a beautiful morning to race. Crisp air, beautiful sunrise, excitement in the air. 

We had 400 people register for this year's race and they truly had a ROCKin' time! God blessed us with amazing weather, wonderful volunteers and community support, and all of the details fell into place (and those that didn't, we compromised and made do). 

God teaches me so many things with each special event that I coordinate:
* He reminds me - amidst the pages of highlighted, scratched out to-do of the to-do of the to-do lists and million e-mails and plans I make that HE is in charge.
* He reminds me how gracious He is through an awesome support team, including my husband, co-workers, and some pretty amazing people in this town.
* He reminds me over and over again (through the good, bad, and ugly that happens each race season) that each event is a new opportunity and way to give Him all the glory. 

So many people ask if I get to run the races I coordinate. Sadly I can't - if you ever see me and the fellow coordinating team on race day, you'd understand. We run the half-marathon without actually running it, if you know what I mean!

Run for the Rocks is the one event that I'd really (really, really!) love to race, because of the flat, fast course, finish inside Gowans Stadium, and the great fall weather. I'm still working on how I can make myself a twin so one can coordinate and one can race. Until then.....I'll just stick to racing around the Hutch Rec Race Series race schedule.

THANK YOU, Hutchinson, for embracing this race as your own and supporting our runners and walkers. We had so many participants from surrounding towns and states who were super impressed with our great support system, volunteers, police department, neighborhood cheerleaders, and the finish line festivities. Warms a race coordinator's heart to hear people talk so highly of the city you were born and raised in - especially when you're a runner yourself!

 The ONLY pic I took on race day - it was super busy! Here is my fellow running mama and friend, Jen, who also was a pace team leader. Jen has been a HUGE supporter of our event (and a great outlet for stress relief!) since we started this event three years ago. Love my fellow running buddies!

And after the last finisher medal was handed out.....the last cupcake and banana was scarfed down....the last shirt was packed away.....all of the equipment was torn down and put in storage.....Jack and I celebrated with a hot lunch date to Chili's (we were starving!) and picked up our kiddos so we could kick off fall (and mommy's 'off' season in the race coordinating world) at our favorite fruit stand/pumpkin patch, Polks in Medora. 

I don't know who was more excited to pick up the kiddos after a super-busy weekend - the parents or the kids! 

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