Monday, October 14, 2013

Brax-man: Two Year Stats

Here are little man's stats from his 2-year appointment this morning (which - hallelujah! - involved NO shots, just the flu mist, and we were in/out of there in under an hour!):

Weight: 31 pounds (80th percentile)
Height: 35 5/8 inches (80th percentile)
Head Circumference: 19 1/4 inches (60th percentile)

I don't really remember (and can't find!) Mackie's stats from her 2-year appointment. I definitely know she was taller but don't really know how much smaller she was weight-wise. I was a bit taken aback by how less Brax weighed than I originally thought! (haha) He's definitely starting to stretch up and not out. ;)

Other highlights from Brax at this stage:

Speech: Brax doesn't talk much. We all know this, and I've blogged about it. We have a speech development/therapist coming to our house once a week. She's from our county's Early Ed infant and toddler program and I can't rave about them enough! (take advantage of these great services in our county, folks!) He does say the usual: mama, dada, boy, ball, bee, uh-oh, oh no, pa-pa, and all animal sounds, truck sounds, as well as some letter sounds from the alphabet. He has his "own" words that we understand and signs still. And if anyone knows our Brax, you know he talks with his eyes and facial expressions!

We're slowly but surely chipping away and working with him! After about five sessions, I really feel like it's a combo of two things: the willingness to talk, and the willingness to work on sounds/words when they don't come easy.

Motor Skills: Brax is our climber and thrill seeker (I thought his sister was a dare-devil, but he takes the cake!). He's all boy - getting down and dirty in the dirt and rock piles, attempting to swing on his own, taking his trike for a spin, trying to climb on walls, etc, etc. He throws and kicks with both his right and left hands/feet and doesn't really favor one or the other. He usually eats with his right hand, but we'll find him grabbing a spoon or fork with his left every so often. Switch hitter, perhaps?

Loves: Brax loves all things Jake and the Never Land Pirates (argh, mateys!), Mickey Mouse, and elephants. He also likes reading. The boy will read book after book after book, just sitting on his floor and reading books to himself with or without music on in the background. He colors for a few minutes and is getting better at actually scribbling for several minutes before hopping off of his chair. He likes playing with his blocks, figuring out puzzles, and stacking. The kids LOVES to stack items. Play-dough cups, big building blocks, you name it, and he'll stack it and then crash it down, only to stack it again.

Foods: Brax already eats us out of house and home! He's my meat-eater, loving protein and not enjoying the starches (mainly potatoes) as much. He'll eat any type of meat we serve (or peanut butter/eggs/beans) and would be perfectly content with that and a side of greens and fruit. He does love most veggies and fruits - both he and big sis are a bit burned out on bananas these days. I find that we really "sped up" the self-feeding and big boy utensil process with Brax and he loves it. He is our "take your time and savor it" eater. We'll be done and 15 minutes later, he'll still be eating every morsel of food on his plate. Again, the boy loves his food!

Emotions: Brax is our laid-back dude (for the most part - tantrums are beginning!). He gleefully goes off to the sitter, to big-boy class at church, or to playdates most of the time. He's really mastered the sleep process in recent months and sleeps through the night and takes a good 2-2 1/2 hour nap each afternoon. He loves his big sis, but is really thinking it's pretty awesome when it's just mommy-Brax time when Mackie goes off to school. He definitely is becoming more and more independent, as he "demands" walking on his own and is very particular in having Mackie hold his hand most places we go to together.

Braxton Cade, we love you so much and can't wait to see what you do, say, and learn this coming year! (with the exception of the 2-yr-old tantrums you're starting to throw our way these days!)

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