Friday, October 25, 2013


Pull up a chair.....

...and let Mackie give you a piece of her mind lately:

 Mackie: "God didn't make one animal."
 Me: "Well, God created all things big and small. Which one are you talking about?"
 Mackie: "Rats. He definitely didn't make rats, because why else would you be scared of them?"

"Stop, drop and roll. And if the fire comes inside the house, I have the perfect place to, me, daddy, and Brax can all go to our swing set and fort and live there. But after a while, it will get crammed so we can go live at grandma's house."

During bedtime prayer: "God, please help Braxton to stop crying. Because it's getting really old and I want to go to sleep."

Mackie: "(A little boy) told me he was the boss of me tonight at church."
Jack: "The next time he says that, you tell him that Bruce Springstein is the boss."
Mackie: thinking....thinking....very confused look... "But daddy, I thought you and Jesus were the boss!"

"We need to go see the Bergmeiers. But can we fly this time?" (she has been asking this often - I think she misses the Bergmeier clan that we saw on a 16-hr road trip this summer!)

"I love Wyatt. But Layton told me that he loved me. What's a girl to do?"

"I just love Christmas. It's all about Jesus." (

I could go on and on here. But I think you get the picture of the fun going on in our house right now. (And yes, she really does talk like this and go on and on and on...I honestly don't know where she gets it from!)

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