Monday, November 4, 2013

Critter Alert!

Why can't mice in real life..... cute and cuddly like Gus in "Cinderella?"

And why can't snakes in real life.... hilarious like Hiss in "Robin Hood?"

Because real life ain't Disney - that's why!

But this mama sure wishes she lived in a Disney world (not Disneyworld) this past week.

First it was a dead mouse in Brax's room that I found right before naptime, at the foot of his bed!! I screamed hysterically and started crying I was so scared. And since I was the adult at home, I had to dump the dead rodent in a cup, all while yelling at Jack over the phone (he thought I sawed my arm off or the kids were bleeding to death, I was that upset).

Two days later, we found another mouse in the basement scamper across the floor. Again, I was so terrified that I didn't step foot in the basement until my rock-star hubs set an awesome trap and caught the little stinker.

Fast forward to today, where Mackie gleefully discovered a snake in the rock bed right in front of the house. She thought it was awesome - mommy didn't. Thankfully the rock-star hubs again sprung into action and the nasty thing is now in our garbage can....all while I'm still gagging and cringing at the thought of this thing slinking around our yard.

If I didn't love my house and neighborhood so much........

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