Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's Here: Basketball Season 2013

Another fall has come and gone, and alas, mid-November is here, meaning: basketball season!

I write this just hours away from the start of another Lady Crusader basketball season. Jack will spend this week waking up super early and getting home super late for two-a-days (and yes, it just so happens mama will also be away on her first out-of-state work trip since the babes have been born. Perfect timing, right?!).

Basketball season takes on an entire new meaning with kids in tow. At first, it was pretty easy and a FUN distraction to attend (both home and away) with just one babe.

 Winter 2010: Mackie's first basketball season

Even when Mackie started to grow and move around, we still had fun following daddy's team around all over this part of the state....and I could easily distract one babe for two hours at a time.

 Winter 2011: Mackie's second basketball season

And then, all things changed when we had a second. 

That first season where Mackie was a toddler at two years old and Brax was a newborn at just a few weeks old was a complete blur. My saving grace was that the head coach decided not to do two-a-days the first several days of practice that year....and I was on maternity leave for the "tough weeks" of the season (the first 6-8 weeks, where games are limited and it's a lot of early mornings or late nights of practice).

I definitely started relying on more help that season (meaning: grandma and grandpa!)

Winter 2012: Brax's first basketball season

Winter 2012: Mackie's third season of basketball

 Winter 2012: This pic explains what we did during games to stay busy!

Last year was easier in some ways (I was no longer nursing a baby or diaper blow-outs while entertaining a toddler in bathroom stalls, locker rooms, or empty weight rooms or going to the bathroom every 10 minutes with the same potty-trained toddler). But it was also more difficult in other ways (the youngest decided he wanted to become a toddler and start moving and not stay still during games - unless food was involved!).

Winter 2013: Brax's second basketball season

Winter 2013: Mackie's fourth basketball season

Winter 2013: The family that plays basketball together, stays together! ;)

As we approach Mackie's fifth basketball season and Brax's third basketball season (and Jack's seventh year of coaching at the high school level!), I can't help but begin on my knees in prayer. 

Lord, I ask for extra mercy and grace with my children in these coming weeks, when the days feel like an eternity and there are no games to watch in the near future. I pray that I purposely spend the extra time with my children through games, stories, and FUN instead of resorting to the old stand-by of videos and iPad time. 

Lord, I ask for extra understanding and patience with my husband's hectic schedule. That I "go with the flow" (sooo hard for type-A me!) when things don't go my way or what the schedule says. That I greet my husband with a smile and shower him with love when he gets home after a long day at work.

Lord, I pray for his witness in his coaching and that he is a light for you in all that he says and does. I pray that his coaching brings complete glory to you!

Thank you, Lord, for giving my husband the opportunity to coach and teach a sport that he truly loves - and that our family enjoys it just as much, too! 

Bring on the 2013-14 season, Lady Crusaders! 

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