Monday, November 25, 2013

Mama on the Run: Bay City Running

This past week I took a business trip to San Francisco. It was five days. By myself. No kidlets. No hubs. And let me tell you I felt lonely.

I did, however, hit the streets every morning for a glorious run in the 50-60 degree weather. It rained the first two mornings (100% rain to them means light different than what it means to us in Kansas!). I hadn't planned on running every morning while I was there, but it was too good not to pass up! I mean, why not run in the 50's when my fellow friends and running mamas were freezing their tails off in the 20's (and lower) in Kansas?! 

I felt completely safe each time I went out and about, as there were literally hundreds of runners each morning I went out. You could definitely tell the locals vs. non-locals strictly on running attire. The locals were bundled up in tights, jackets, and light winter gear while the non-locals felt quite comfortable in long sleeve tech tees and shorts. 

When I wasn't running in the morning, I was walking and taking in the sites after conference sessions ended in the afternoon. Thankfully Jack and I traveled together to San Fran for the same conference in 2008, so I knew what I wanted to see and what I didn't want to see.

Here are some snapshots from my morning runs and afternoon strolls. Such beauty!

And for all of you Californians out there - I couldn't help but giggle when your forecasters told us to make sure and wear a heavy coat (when the temps dipped into the low 50's)....and when they put out a weather advisory for winds that were gusting 20 mph. :)

 Outside of the Port of San Francisco, off of one of the many piers along the bay.

 Fisherman's Wharf

 An early morning run with the Bay Bridge as my backdrop. I personally think the Bay Bridge is much more beautiful than the Golden Gate Bridge!

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