Saturday, November 9, 2013

Mama On The Run: Reunions & Memories

I love how running connects and reunites so many people who have walked in and out of my life. 

Take, for example, today's Love Life Run 10K. My childhood friend, Morgan (who now lives in the Denver area) was back in Hutch for this weekend. I randomly facebooked her this week to let her know about the 10K race and invited her to participate. Fast forward less than a week later, and here we are - reunited near the start line of the race (and enjoying our great finishes at the end!). 

And those weren't the only childhood and high school friends I saw out there today! I counted more than a handful of Buhler High Class of 2001'ers out there - running/walking the 10K and 5K races. It was (almost) like a mini high school reunion!

I also love the memories that races bring to my family. Mackie has really gotten into running fun runs if one is available at the races I do. Today, she was able to do a 1-mile run with daddy while I did the 10K race. Check out her form toward the finish line - call me impressed! Mackie and Jack finished their 1-mile race in 12:15. (again - call me impressed!)

Today's race was special because I knew the coordinator - a sweet sister in Christ and running mama like myself who strives to work hard and put on a top-notch race in our community to benefit a wonderful organization. We relate to each other on so many fronts: being working mamas and wives, trying to balance our love for running with family and our jobs as race coordinators. Sonya did not disappoint and put on a great race filled with memories!

Though I didn't PR, I did manage to run another 10K this year under 50:00 (a goal I set all year long!). I ran 49:46, about 45 seconds off of my PR from the Easter Sun Run 10K in March (when I was in top-notch marathon shape and 6.2 miles seemed like a walk in the park after running 18-20 milers!). 

By default - the gal ahead of me in my age group took the overall female winner - I placed 1st in my 30-34 female age group, was the 3rd female finisher, and 13th overall finisher. It was a bit surreal walking to the podium, as I'm usually on the other side and coordinating the award ceremony! Perhaps my sweetest memory included Mackie wanting to be alongside me on the podium and gleefully yelling: "I'm so proud of you, mommy!" Moments like that are why I run!

It was a great run, but more importantly a FUN run filled with memories and reunions with fellow high school classmates and good running buddies - young and old alike!

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