Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick Or Treat with Terrible Tantrums: Halloween 2013

Oh, the drama!

Ever since October hit, a certain 4-yr-old has been asking when she could dress up in her Doc McStuffins costume. Both she and Brax were quite excited in September when they "declared" what they wanted to be - Mackie as Doc, and Brax as Jake from Jake and the Never Land Pirates.

Fast forward one month later, and we still had a Doc, as you see....

 Mackie and her BFF and valiant knight, Wyatt. These two have been friends since the womb! For the last several weeks they have been blessed enough to see each other several times a week between school, church, and coffee dates. (AKA play dates)

 Mackie's preschool class at Christ Care - quite the cute bunch of kiddos!

Brax, meanwhile, refused - REFUSED - to dress up in any way. It didn't matter that we were so excited a few weeks ago to get a special pirate sword and gold de' blu (Jake's gold coins) for his birthday. It didn't matter that he helped pick out the shirt for his special pirate vest and his eye patch. Nope. He didn't feel great and combine the 2-yr-old tantrums, Halloween wasn't happening this year for the Brax-man.

 What do you mean I HAVE to wear this vest?! 

 I told you before, I do.NOT.want to wear the vest!

We (finally) managed to bribe him enough with a sucker or anything we could find to at least go out trick-or-treating. He even warmed up to his pirate sword as the evening progressed. But try putting the vest or eye patch or bandana hat on? Forget it.

All in all it was a great evening with little wind and just cool enough temps to make it feel like fall as we crunched through leaves around the neighborhood. I say it every year, but I LOVE our neighborhood and the hospitality. My kids seriously just made themselves at home in about 90% of the homes we visited last night (meaning: they literally walked right in and started chatting to whoever opened the door). You gotta love that kind of neighborhood.

And now we're on special day/candy/sugar/pizza Detox Day. It hasn't been awful, but it's been pretty typical. Brax woke up wheezing (two hours and a steroid prescription later we have peace of mind that he has clear lungs, but yep, it's croup), and Mackie has had her drama queen moments.

Now our conversations will involve gratefulness, blessings, and not to overlook Thanksgiving, all while keeping perspective that Christmas is soon approaching and what a glorious time to celebrate Jesus's precious birth.

Let the most wonderful time of year - BOTH Thanksgiving and Christmas - begin!

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