Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Mama on the Run: Wrapping Up 2013, Ringing in 2014

This morning I ran my final miles in 2013.

1,257.4 miles total for the year to be exact. 

It included my 3rd full marathon (a PR!) in Cleveland....

Cleveland Marathon - May 2013 (celebrating my 30th birthday with my 3rd full marathon!)

A half-marathon with some new running friends...

See Jane Run women's half-marathon in September 2013 with some fun gals I met while planning this year's Run for the Rocks Half Marathon

And a few 10Ks, both new and old...(and another PR in the spring as I finally broke 50 minutes!)...

Titan 10K in July 2013

Love Life Run 10K in November 2013 with my childhood friends, Morgan, who visited for the weekend and joined me for 6.2 miles!

Perhaps the most enjoyable miles this year included those with my sweeties - including miles upon miles with my favorite running partners. We spent lots of miles with the kids in the BOB this year, some by myself on gorgeous afternoons throughout the year while waiting for daddy to get home from work, some with daddy and the kids as they cheered me on during those long Saturday marathon training runs (even some during the marathon!), and a few at family fun runs or after races.

Mackie caught the running "bug" this year. At 3 years old, she ran her first 'official' race with the kids fun run after my Titan 10K race in July. 

A few months later, at 4 years old, she ran another fun run/walk mile with Jack at the Love Life Run race (mommy was still running her 10K but I enjoyed seeing her cross the finish line in pics!).

Love Life Run in November 2013

Thanksgiving Day family fun run 5K - November 2013

In those 1,257.4 miles this year, I've learned the most from the gleeful giggles of my daughter while she runs - simply put, running makes you HAPPY and it should be FUN! Yep, my four-year-old gets it. And she reminds me of why I fell in love with running so many years ago. 

So here's to 2014. I'm not one to make annual mileage goals, and I already highlighted some of my running and overall life visions/goals for the next 365 days in an earlier blog post. But here's a little more specific goals for my running and fitness:

* Races: I'll be adding a few new ones to the yearly schedule (New Year's Day half-marathon and Hospital Hill Half Marathon in June), as well as enjoying my favorite annual ones - Easter Sun Run 10K in April (Mackie wants to do the 2-mile fun run/walk after the 10K, so I'm already excited!); Titan 10K in July; Love Life Run 10K in November. I may also do another half-marathon or 10-miler in the fall/winter, too. I'm not one who has to race every weekend or even once a month - between finances and hectic schedules, I've personally come to enjoy races more if I choose quality over quantity, plus I like to support races that go toward a good cause and stand behind a great mission. To me, that means I don't have to race all the time - and I'm okay with that. (again, that's my personal preference!)

In my races, I have some personal time goals right now - but again, these could change depending on health, weather, etc. I'd like to run 1:53-1:55 in a half-marathon this year (it'll be tough at Hospital Hill since it's a VERY hilly course compared to the pancake flat streets of Hutch) and I'd also like to break 50:00 again in the 10K (or even shoot for the stars and beat my 2013 PR of 48:50). 

*Fitness: My toughest goal will be to cut back the mileage and days spent running in January. I'm going to fully enjoy an "off-season" month after the half-marathon tomorrow and do easy miles with a focus on cross-training, strength-training, and stretching. My strength/stretching/core work goals will continue throughout the year, as core strength is huge to my overall racing and fitness regimen as I get older. (meaning: tone up the post-baby belly two years later!) 

*Meals & Eating: In 2013 I really focused on feeding our family less processed foods. We've always been generally healthy eaters - eating a variety of fruits and veggies, mostly whole grains, lean meats, etc. But we were digesting our fair share of processed foods in between meals and even in casseroles and other dishes with cream soups, crackers, etc. We're going to continue limiting our processed foods and finding more natural or healthier alternatives, as well as I'm getting back into meal prep and planning ahead. On a financial note, I'm challenging myself to also cut back our grocery expenses even more - I know it can be done, but takes even more diligent planning. I'm up for the challenge!

Here's to a new year of running goals, visions, and glorifying God in all of it! (meaning: these plans are my short-sighted human goals and could easily change if or when God sees fit!)

Happy New Year and running in 2014....I'll be kicking off the New Year with 13.1 miles in the morning! 

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