Saturday, January 18, 2014

A Special Night

Mackie Claire's special night finally (and I mean finally) arrived last night. 

The girl had been on countdown alert since we turned the calendar to January. She went to bed each night asking how many days and was thrilled when she could start counting the days on her fingers.

Mackie was a small part of Buhler's Homecoming, but she sure felt loved and SO spoiled all night long. She and Holden (the boy crown bearer) did a fantastic job walking out in center court, following directions, and patiently holding the pillows upright the entire time, all while beaming pretty smiles.

Here are some snapshots from the magical night:

 Sweet Kaylee - Mackie adores this wonderful lady, who was the crown bearer when I was a Homecoming candidate my sr year of high school. She also was our flower girl, so she holds a special place in our family's hearts!

The beautiful queen candidates. Their dresses were stunning - and let me tell you, they were so gracious and kind to Mackie. They were very patient as she asked them a million questions, touched their dresses, oohed and aahed over their shoes, and went a mile a minute. (see below)

A four-year-old's DREAM....adoring pretty dresses and shoes!

The handsome crown bearer, Holden, who did a fantastic job!

Longingly staring at that beautiful crown.

The entire time Mackie was walking to center court, her brother was sitting on daddy's lap at the scores table right in front of her, loudly yelling and waving "Mackie! Mackie! Mackie!" He sure was proud of his big sis (I wish I would have snapped a pic of it!)

Be still my heart! 

 Love my little girl - who looked like a gorgeous princess last night!

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