Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bearer of the Crown

Next week Mackie has the honor of being a crown bearer at Buhler High's Winter Homecoming.

It's extra-special as a dear family friend of ours (who also happened to be the flower girl in our wedding and is one of the kids' fave babysitters - along with her big sis), is a senior and is one of the Homecoming candidates.

What's even more special is this same senior who's up for homecoming also happened to be the crown bearer when I was a homecoming candidate in Fall 2000. Did I also say she was the flower girl at our wedding five years later?

Isn't it awesome how full circle life becomes?!

My mom and I treated Mackie to a girls day out to shop and eat lunch and be girlie girl as we shopped for that special Homecoming dress. 

Several friends recommended Brooklyn's in McPherson and it did not disappoint (thank you, friends!). They were running a 30% off on all of their toddler/little girl Christmas party dresses and had a nice selection to choose from (Even better? We didn't have to travel to Salina or Wichita to Dillards - man, I miss that place here in Hutch!).

But back to our little homecoming girl's shopping trip.....

We tried on four different dresses. Of course she had to pose, curtsy, and tell me how much she loved every.single.one. I was able to snap pics of our top three dresses (sorry for the lousy pics - phone pics + not-so-great lighting = fuzzy!)

 Dress #1: A beautiful cream organza dress with a Buhler maroon sash/ribbon. (sorry for the blurry phone pics!)

 Dress #2: Another beautiful organza dress, a silver-grey color that was tulle on the bottom complete with lace trim on top and flower sash and ribbon along the waistline.  (nice curtsy, eh?)

And the Winning Dress #3: A gorgeous K-State purple dress that has silver sparkles along the organza and a purple sash and silver-purple flower on the waist. 

 Mackie loved the three-way mirror. She kept talking about how much it was to see her "behind" in the mirror! ;) 

Now on to the actual Homecoming ceremony next Friday night. We're having lots of discussions with Mackie that include:

* No, you may not keep the crown and put it on your own head - you will need to give it to the boy with the king's crown on his head. 
* Yes, daddy's basketball girls and Coach T and Coach Mo will be there on the sidelines seeing you. (the vanity of it all!)
* Yes, you will be walking out with a boy. No, he's not Wyatt. 
* YES, you will smile, you will walk out nicely with your head held high, and you will be kind and loving during pictures (because there will be a lot) - and smile pretty (meaning: no snaggle-tooth, crossed eye, head tilt, stick the tongue out shots).

More to come on this one.....I have a feeling I'll have my work cut out for me next week.

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