Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Vacation 2013-14: A Purposeful One

It started out as a Christmas bucket list on our family chalkboard. One night (when we all four were actually around the dinner table at the same time - remember, it's basketball season, folks!) we came up with a handful of family bonding activities to do this Christmas season. 

It turned into much, much more than that. 

Family memories. Fun of crossing things off a list (I don't know where my kidlets get their excitement from!). Making our two-week family break exactly what it was: a family break. 

We baked and delivered cookies to family members.

We played outside in the snow. (Until Brax kept throwing off his mittens and threw a complete fit that his hands were freezing cold. Silly boy!)

We went swimming indoors.....

We had an impromptu pie and cinnamon roll snack date at Carriage Crossing in Yoder (because why not treat everyone after an afternoon of great naps?!)....

Mackie and Jack went on a special daddy-daughter date to see the movie "Frozen" (FYI, if you go to the 11 a.m. show chances are you're the only one in the theater!)....

This break was the most purposeful - and I still have a cluttered house and bills/paperwork that needs to be organized. It was purposeful in that we were able spend so much of it as a family.

I enjoyed (almost) every.single.minute of making Lego towers, singing and dancing to music, crafting, rolling out play-doh, reading books under the warmth of big blankets, playing tag and Marco Polo around the house and giggling nonstop while doing so, and simply just being a mommy full-time and not worrying about my cluttered house, unchecked email, or what all I could squeeze in during nap time.

It's been an awesome two weeks with my best friend and favorite two little people. And I'm excited to continue our family fun this year with a seasonal "bucket list" that also includes ways we can show compassion and generosity to the community around us. Stay tuned for that one.....until then, Monday morning is going to come a bit too soon!

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