Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Heartache & Giddiness

My heart just aches when I'm without these lovable faces.

Which is ironic, because when I'm actually with them, there are definitely times when I'm thinking: "If only I had a few minutes to myself" or "Why can't they just be a bit quieter?" or "I'm really tired of picking up the same stuff every single hour, washing the same dishes every single noon and night, really tired of putting the same load of laundry in every Monday/Wednesday/Saturday"...you get the point.

The battle I really need to face (and victoriously fight!) is CONSTANTLY having those emotions of heartache (when I'm away from them) and giddiness (when we reunite after a few days apart) - but even more so when I'm in their presence.

Maybe then I wouldn't complain about cleaning up milk spills and sticky fingers all over the iPad (after telling them a gazillion times they couldn't play on it). Or I'd think twice about throwing in a movie or turning on a PBS show for some peace and quite while making dinner instead of actually having them join me in the kitchen. Or grumble at Jack when he doesn't do the laundry my way (why am I even complaining that my awesome husband - who's just as tired, if not more tired and committed than I am - is offering to do housework!).

Lord, may I cling to this heart ache I'm having right now as I look at these sweet faces. And tomorrow, may I continue that giddiness over seeing them after being gone for three days as I squeeze them tight and kiss them over and over again.

Heart ache and giddiness never felt so good. Or so convicting.

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