Friday, January 31, 2014

Mama On The Run: Gearing Up for Spring Races!

Maybe it's because I'm tired of this winter already. Really tired of it. And a bit worried at the fact that I'm already so over it seeing that it's Jan. 31 and we have at least two more months of the bitter cold temps, potential snow/sleet/ice, and everything else that winter brings.

I'm all for braving the elements - heck, last year I trained for a full marathon in a lot of sub-zero temps, sleet, snow, ice get the picture. But this year I find myself bundling up more and more, and each layer adds more complaints (it's an ugly sin, I tell ya!). I'm thankful that I decided to take it "easy" and not do too many long distance weekend runs in January and into February.

But now....I'm getting that feeling again. The overly type-A feeling that yearns for a pretty schedule to print out, post inside the kitchen cabinet, and then color-coordinate crossing off each workout. (yep, I'm nerdy like that)

I felt so giddy this morning as I perused plans from Coach Jenny Hadfield's site. I have two races on my spring calendar (both with hubs, which is even more exciting!) - our beloved Easter Sun Run 10K the Saturday before Easter, and then a birthday/anniversary celebration Hospital Hill half-marathon in Kansas City on June 7.

I'm taking a huge leap of confidence here and am going to attempt Coach Jenny's Advanced Half Marathon training plan. I've already told myself I will adjust as needed - I don't know if I can run five times a week every week, as my body does like doing two days of cross training most weeks rather than just one, but we will see. As long as I'm not so type-A and "locked" into my plan, I will be okay - I just have to be willing to be flexible, and sometimes that's my biggest battle when I want to resort to my ugly all or nothing mentality.

So here's a snapshot of my 14-week advanced training plan from Coach Jenny. I won't start it until late February/early March, but it's still exciting!

Happy running, everyone! And remember....strong spring/summer races are built in the bitter cold winter months. Get out there and just do it!

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