Thursday, January 2, 2014

Ringing In a New Year, Conkling Style

Parents of young babes out there, you get it. 

New Year's Eve is just another night when you have a 4-yr-old and 2-yr-old - with a few added perks.
In our house, we tend to let the littles pick out some treats they'd like to have for a special "dinner" plus games, movies, and other fun stuff to do after baths. This year's treats included a menu of monster smoothies and veggies with dip (kids' request - silly littles!) and chips with cheese dip (daddy's request). 

We also played Doc Operation and sang songs to our new CDs, including: 150 Veggie Tale Tunes, Jake & The Never Land Pirates, and Beauty & the Beast. After baths, we loaded up the kiddos to a college group party nearby, where we had some sweet treats and the sweet kids taught Mackie to play ping-pong and let Brax whack people on the head with the paddle. (bless them!)

We then rang in their New Year at 9 p.m. back home with sparkling grape juice (which both kidlets hated as they've never had carbonated drinks and thought it was "too spicy" on the tongue) and a countdown to 10 (which we had to do a few times to "get the hang of it.")

Jack and I then proceeded to crash on the couch and watch television until 11 p.m., where we rang in the New Year, eastern standard time. And then we woke up on the hour, every hour with a little guy who had ear trouble all.night.long. He finally crashed around 3:30 a.m., just in time for Jack to take over snuggle duties while I could get four hours of sleep before running a half-marathon the following morning.

Speaking of which.....

...I PR'd! Who would have thought limited training, limited sleep, and limited miles meant meeting my 2014 goal on the first day of the New Year?! My goal for the half-marathon was 1:55 this year, and I ran yesterday's race in 1:52:35.

I guess you can stick a fork in me - I'm done. (or not!)

Happy New Year, everyone! May you honor Jesus in all your days of 2014!

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