Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Week in the Life Of...

February gets just plain nutty in our house.

This past week was no different. We kicked it off with an awesome Marriage Conference at our church - with attendance by our dear, sweet friends in Christ (and my college roomie/matron of honor at my wedding!), Angela and Eric. We were oh-so happy they joined us for a fun day of renewed teaching in God's Word.

I managed to work several 10-12 hour days putting together our largest publication of the year, as well as additional marketing efforts for our spring and summer activities. (I have a jump-drive problem!)

I pretty much had a heart-attack during the entire K-State vs. KU game on Big Monday. The heart was pounding the entire game, but really went nuts in a crazy OT game! (Yep - this is how I watched the last three minutes of so so THRILLED the Cats clung to a victory!)

And what week would be complete without a Buhler basketball game? This week's home game was on a Tuesday night.....and it was probably the best game out of these two all season! Special thanks to my mama for tagging along most home games to assist, too. Makes it nice to have man-to-man defense!

You'll notice that we have picnic dinners on game nights. Each quarter has a theme (AKA keep kids busy): Warm-ups/1st Quarter - Eat dinner (it's usually pbj, applesauce packets or apple slices, and raw veggies with a granola/cereal bar or goldfish); 2nd Quarter - Stickers/Colors; Half-time - Grab suckers and popcorn at the concession stand; 3rd Quarter - Eat suckers and popcorn; 4th Quarter - Do whatever it takes to get through 8 minutes of game time...this usually involves a visit to see the Crusader mascot, dancing to the band, and whipping out the iPad/iPhone for last-minute desperate entertainment.

This makes me tired just looking back - and this was only through Tuesday! The rest of the week involved Valentine festivities and birthday parties. I need a nap!

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