Sunday, February 23, 2014

Health & Wealth Gospel from a Preschooler

Braxton has been sick with a fever and not-so-great bowel movements the last three days (I will spare you the details).

This came at the same time the kids had been excitedly planning a sleepover at grandma's house. Mommy and daddy were excited, too, as it meant 24 hours of being kid-free with some much-needed alone time and refreshment before taking on the hectic final stretch of basketball season, publication deadlines, and the day-to-day busyness of life.

On Friday at lunch, Mackie sweetly asked to pray that God would make Brax feel better. I immediately exclaimed: "That's so sweet, Mackie. Yes, God would love to hear your prayer! And if Brax feels better, you guys can go to grandma's house."

I immediately wanted to grab those last few words and put them back into my mouth. Because my smarty-pants preschooler quickly responded: "Yes! God, please heal Braxton so we can go to grandma and papa's house for night."


I basically "preached" the ill-fated health and wealth gospel to my 4 year old in a matter of a few words in just a few seconds. With that little phrase, I told my preschooler to basically ask God what you want, and He'll deliver....definitely NOT what I wanted or had intended to do!

We immediately followed up her prayer with talking about God's will....and His desires and plans for our heart and our lives, not our own desires and plans. Yes, we most definitely want to go to God and ask for His healing hands, His protection, His guidance, His strength, His desires. But we don't want to do it on our terms, for what we think is for our good when ultimately it's not for our good or His glory as we're not putting complete trust in Him.

I have a lot to learn, being a mommy. But I'm so thankful for a God who - when I open my big fat mouth - presents an even greater opportunity to present the TRUE Gospel, one of hope and of promises that come from our Almighty Father and aren't dependent on anything that we do or say.

Thank you, God, for your Almighty wisdom, power, and truth. To YOU be the glory!

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