Sunday, March 16, 2014

Hospital Hill Training Week #3 - PLUS Discounts!

Greetings! It's hard to believe it's another Sunday and we're planning for the upcoming week ahead. This week is marks the third week of Coach Jenny's advanced half-marathon training for me. This past week - despite suffering terrible sinus headache junk plus feverish/achy symptoms - I was able to get in about 31 running miles (including a beautiful 9-miler yesterday with a fellow running mama!) and a day of pilates. This coming week will be more of the same, but I'd like to stick to a better plan of my strength training days with stretching in there, too. I'm raising my hand to slacking off in this department in recent weeks!

Life in the Conkling casa will be a bit hectic, too, as living in Hutchinson equals tourney time for NJCAA men's basketball. It's March Madness, baby! Our city has hosted the event for several decades and I can't remember a time in my life not going to watch the best of junior college men's basketball. My sweet hubs works the games, so it's similar to watching him coach - I'll be packing up sack suppers and bringing lots of entertainment along with the kidlets in tow.

Speaking of my sweet hubs.....he's not only on a spring "pause" (a whopping three days off, which is still nice because I don't have to rush my morning runs this week!) but it's his BIRTHDAY later this week!

I love this man. And I really really really love spoiling him on his birthday. Not only do I make him his favorite triple-layer carrot cake, but I also get to surprise him with fun things all day long.

Since we're in the celebrating spirit....I'd like to invite all of you (if you haven't registered yet!) to take advantage of a special 10% discount off of your Hospital Hill entry fee - including any race (10K, half-marathon, AND the new run-back races!). Simply go to to register and put in the promo code: 2014HHRCONKLING10. 

Here's what is happening on Week #3 training plan - have a great week running! And again, feel free to comment or email me your inspirational runner stories, tips, recipes to share, highs/lows to I'd love to share your stories, too!

Happy Running!

Monday: Run 45 minutes easy with strength training
Tuesday: Run 50 min with 4-6 pick-ups
Wednesday: XT 30-40 minutes with strength training
Thursday: Run 50 minutes with 4-6 striders
Friday: Run 40-45 minutes easy
Saturday: 10-mile long run

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