Saturday, March 22, 2014

Looking forward to a New Week

K-State lost.....we've had NJCAA basketball games every single night this week...and minutes after I enjoyed a nice and hot post-10-mile shower this morning, my toddler caught the pukes and did it all over the kitchen floor (and himself and me).


I can't wait to start a new week! One that's filled with healthy, homemade meals and family dinners each weeknight rather than quick fixes and sack suppers while watching basketball games. One that doesn't involve a case of the sickies. One that includes a normal routine, where we're not balancing spring break/extra work/never-ending basketball games.

A new week that will recharge the batteries on all aspects of life. 

With all that was going on, I was in a bit of a funk running-wise this past week. I completed the workouts, but didn't enjoy any of them. Not even Monday or Tuesday, when I had some extra time with hubs being home for a few days. Not even on Friday, when it was a relatively easier day. And especially not today, when I finally drug myself out the door at 8:30 a.m. (way late for me!) to conquer a 10-miler in the bitter cold wind.

Here's to a new week. New adventures. New to-do lists. New changes of plans and goals - I'm working on drinking more water and aiming for 7-8 solid hours of sleep each night.

How do you bounce back from a crazy week? Get out of a running funk? I'd love to hear your ideas - email them to me at or comment below and I'll share them in future blog posts!

Monday: 45 min easy w/ strength training
Tuesday: Speed A Workout - 6 Repeats (WU 5 min; Run 10 min easy; Repeat 6 times - 2 min hard followed by 4 min easy running; CD 5 min running, then 5 min walking)
Wednesday: XT 30-40 minutes w/ strength training
Thursday: 50 min running w/ 4 striders
Friday: 40 min easy
Saturday: 7 miles at race pace
Sunday: Rest

Happy Running, everyone!

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