Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mama On The Run: Getting Crazier!

Hubs and I are crazier than we were before. As I've written before, we both decided to do Hospital Hill half-marathon to celebrate 9 years of wedded bliss. We live in a part of Kansas that has no hills - speed bumps are versions of hills where I live, so naturally we were nuts.

We're even crazier after this weekend, too! Not only are we going to conquer the 13.1 miles of hills, but we're also excited to do the Re-Run and run the 5K the night before. We're crazy, in an envious way (as a sweet mama and friend so eloquently stated on my Facebook earlier this week).


Training has gone great to date and this past week included more glimpses that spring is (slowly) getting here. On top of my usual runs, I enjoyed some post-nap time running with the kids in the BOB as well as a delightful Saturday morning run with a dear sweet running mama. The miles flew by and it was one of those mornings that you didn't mind running an extra mile or two.

Week #5 is already here - and with it, comes the longer mileage. Here's the plan for this coming week:

Monday: Run 50 minutes easy with strength training
Tuesday: Speed A workout (10 minutes warm-up with 7 intervals of 2 min hard/4 min easy; 10 minutes cool-down)
Wednesday: XT 30-40 minutes with strength training
Thursday: Run 50 minutes with 4x striders
Friday: Run 40-45 min easy
Saturday: 11-12 miler
Sunday: REST DAY!

Have a great week ahead, folks - happy training and enjoy this beautiful spring weather ahead! (And if it's crazy-windy like it's been around here, look at it as a great resistance challenge!) Happy running!

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