Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mama On The Run: Let the Spring Training Begin!

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm blogging for this year's Hospital Hill Run in Kansas City!

My cutie of a husband, Jack, and I decided a few months ago to celebrate nine years of wedded bliss with a half-marathon this summer - and make an anniversary weekend of it in Kansas City. Of course the hills in KC are going to be a challenge. Living in Hutchinson, our hills are more like small little bumps in the road. The warmer June temps might also be a challenge (which, right now when the temp reads -20 outside, sounds delightful!). But Jack and I are up for the various challenges and looking forward to celebrate our anniversary with a hobby that's become more like healthy habit for our family.

For those who don't know me, I started my running "career" my senior year of college (EMAW!) as I ran around Memorial Stadium and all over Manhattan to get a bridal-honeymoon-beach bod in the months before my wedding in 2005. Several months later, newlywed hubs and I decided to start doing longer distance running races. We started with 10Ks, worked our way up to half-marathons, conquered a full together (until he said never again!), and I've been running several 10Ks, half-marathons, and two more full marathons (plus having two adorable and busy kiddos) ever since.

Coincidentally enough, I kick-off my spring race training on Monday. A year or so ago, I stumbled across Jenny Hadfield's training program when trying to search for a manageable running/training schedule while balancing life as wife, mommy to toddler and preschooler, and my job as marketing and race director for Hutchinson Recreation Commission. I grew to love Coach Jenny with her columns in Runner's World and other fitness publications. Her down-to-earth approach was just what I needed in my life - the perfect balance between my type-A obsessiveness and life's reality check.

I'm upping the ante this go-round and taking on Coach Jenny's Advanced Half Marathon training plan for this endeavor. After running a New Year's Day half-marathon, I decided to give myself a two-month break mentally and physically from the longer weekend runs and higher mileage weeks . It's been great, but again, the type-A in me is ready to tackle a new plan (and cross off those work-outs on the to-do list!).

Since having kids, I've learned to adapt my running and exercise routine - and the same goes with training plans.  Sickness comes, babies don't want to sleep at night (more often than we like!), work projects come into play, you know - life happens. But I do plan to tackle the plan as best I can, with necessary adjustment and adaptations as needed throughout these next 14 weeks leading up to Hospital Hill.

I look forward to meeting and getting to know you fellow HH runners out there and share my ups, downs, highs, lows, and again, running life. This blog not only gives me the chance to journal my running endeavors, but also is my digital scrapbook of my family and a digital diary of my thoughts, so feel free to read my other blog posts as well if that's your thing, too.

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Happy Running!

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