Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Favorite Birthday Boy

My amazing hubs, Jack (or Jackson/babe/Jackster/Jack Ed as I lovingly refer to him) turns 32 years old on Wednesday. 

Jack is an amazing man.....and I love, love, LOVE celebrating his birthday! Usually it involves a double or triple layer homemade carrot cake (his favorite!) plus extra spoilings throughout the day. Sometimes the celebrations and gifts are grand, sometimes they're quite simple and silly. He would say he prefers the latter, while if it were up to me, I'd blow the budget every year on fun surprises for him. That's just how he is - content with the simplest of things and taking everything in stride. I admire that and strive to have a fraction of his contentment!

He's always loved when his birthday falls because it's usually in the midst of March Madness - both here locally with the NJCAA tourney and on every tv channel with the NCAA tourney. He also can cheer on his beloved Cubs in spring training if he wishes - and someday the goal is to make it there in person to celebrate his special day.

I'm honored to be called his wife and celebrate these special days alongside him. Jack not only works hard (usually 2-4 jobs at a time) to support us as a family, but also is very caring, kind, funny (and sarcastic), quick-witted (many of you know this!), but most of all, he loves Christ first, his family second, and truly loves serving the church and using the amazing gifts God has blessed him with. That includes teaching - not only does he teach for a living (at the middle school level nonetheless!), but he teaches through his coaching jobs and ministers to our precious college kids Sunday mornings at church. 

And I can't forget the incredible father that he is to Mackie and Brax. The guy literally takes my breath away as he jumps right in after working an extra-long days and can't wait for school breaks and weekends to spend more time with them. 

Love you, babe - here's to many more happy, happy, HAPPY birthdays! 

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