Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brax the Chatterbox: A Speech Session Update

As I've written about before, Braxton Cade has made great strides in his last six months of speech therapy. We started in late September 2013 with our fabulous speech teacher, Miss Pam, through Reno County's Early Ed program. Again, I can't say enough how fantastic this program is - and encourage all of you mamas to take advantage of their very thorough development exams at each of your infant, toddler, and preschooler's birthdays. We've taken Mackie the last three years and Brax the last two years and it's by far the most thorough testing in every developmental category. (did I mention it's also a FREE service?!)

Brax started his speech therapy journey saying lots of animal sounds, recognizing some letters, saying the basic mama, dada, and a few other names, but that was it. At age 2, we would be rounding up if we said he had between 25-30 common words and/or sounds that he made.

Fast forward six months and several weekly visits later, and I'm gushing on my little guy's chatterbox ways. The last several weeks Miss Pam has been documenting all of Brax's words, phrases, commands, counting, alphabet, etc. At today's session, she told us that he is in fact caught up to about a 30-month level, which he just turned this week. Way to go, B-man!

I'm so proud of this little guy. We continue to work on various consonant sounds and will continue our sessions to fine-tune some vocab, but nonetheless, the little guy who didn't want to talk much is now talking up (and demanding) a storm.

Some of his favorite phrases at 2 1/2 years old (he celebrated his half-birthday on Sunday the 13th): 
* Hup, two, three four, giddy up, two, three, four (the elephant march in "Jungle Book")
* Go get Mackie, daddy. Go get that girl! (demanding daddy to chase after Mackie when she runs crazily around the yard)
* I love you, mommy (the BEST phrase that he's just mastered!)
* Go see Mr. Bo (or Pastor Rick) for a sucker.
* Let it go, let it go! Can't hold back anymore! (Frozen's popular song)
* Not yet, mommy. Not yet. (a polite way of not obeying....smarty pants)
* Go to Starbucks to get apple juice? (busted, mommy!)
* Play ball!
* Papa Scaliwag is silly. He likes green Deere tractors.
* Miss Pam is my friend.

He's also pretty cute saying all of his buddies names at church and his teacher's names there. Every Sunday and Wednesday we can count on him talking all about Clark, Ryder (who isn't even in his class anymore, but old habits die hard!), Vera (sounds like Vetta), and Jackson and who cried, who ate their raisins, and who played with him. Funny stuff.

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