Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter 2014

Christ the Lord has risen today - Hallelujah!

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating Easter with both Conkling and Preston families. 

On Saturday, after our Easter Sun Run fun, we headed out to Jack's parents' house for the Conkling family celebration. We had a great time eating, laughing, celebrating, and hunting eggs with the nine babes.  

 Brax fell asleep before the Easter fun even began - all of that running and eating must have tuckered him out. I had to wake the poor kid and bribe him with chocolate to wake up. 

It was gusty, but it didn't stop us from a good egg hunt!

On Easter Sunday we had a wonderful church service and then went to the my parents' house for the Preston celebration - again with great food, egg hunting, and lots of sugar.

We hope that you all had a blessed Easter weekend as you reflected the great sacrifice that our Lord made for us when He sent His precious son to die on the cross for our sins. Thank you, Jesus, for dying for my stinkin' ugly sins - and for your resurrection and victory over death!

Happy Easter!

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