Monday, April 28, 2014

Mama on the Run: Blow Me Away!

It's almost comical, really. This wind I'm talking about. I mean, we're from Kansas. We're supposed to be windy.

Except this whole 30-50 mph wind gusts all day long is getting old. Really really really old.

I can probably count on one hand the times I've had delightful runs with gusts under 20 mph on one hand in recent weeks. The last several Saturdays have included long miles and even stronger wind gusts.

Oh well. It could always be worse. The wind makes me stronger - kinda like those hills that hubs and I will be facing in the coming weeks when we make our way up to KC to run 16.2 miles in a matter of 15 hours.

It's at this time in Coach Jenny Hadfield's advanced half-marathon running plan that I'm adjusting the distances and times throughout the week. I'm used to doing about 25 miles a week and this plan has me doing more. It's great, but I personally don't have the desire or time to be doing more than 35 running miles per week. There are a few weeks to come that have me doing 13, 14, and 15-milers, which would be great, but again, I don't have a strong desire to go above 13 miles in my half-marathon training. The only time I find myself going over 13 miles in training runs is for full marathons....and that isn't happening any time soon. ;)

But that's the great thing about training plans. You can adjust to YOUR goals....YOUR lifestyle...YOUR specific needs. Type-A me has learned this the hard way over the years. It's okay to adjust a plan and use it as a template! 

So here's what I have planned for this week - and I should also note that I LOVE Coach Jenny's plans.

Monday: Did 48 min run today (5.6 miles) plus strength training and core/stretch
Tuesday: Tempo C workout (Warm-up: 10 min easy run, 5 min hard/2 min easy combo * 4, Cool-down 10 min easy); core and stretch
Wednesday: XT day - 40-45 minutes with strength training
Thursday: 45-60 minutes with 4-6 striders
Friday: 35-45 minutes easy
Saturday: 10-12 miles long (all depends on training with graduations to tend to this Saturday!)
Sunday: REST day with stretching

Have a great week ahead, running friends!

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