Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mama On The Run: The Family that Runs Together.....Easter Sun Run 2014

The day finally arrived - our favorite race of the year - the Easter Sun Run 10K & 2-miler. 

After a pretty frigid start to our week (meaning: snow, below freezing temps yet again, yadda, yadda, yadda), today was a beautiful morning. A bit gusty, but thankfully almost all of the course is in a park with trails that are covered by trees blocking the wind. 

 Jack and I have always enjoyed the Easter Sun Run 10K - it was our first "official" road race when we started running longer distances in 2006.

Mackie and Brax had a blast with their cousins, aunt, and uncle while mommy and daddy ran their 10K race.

 The family that runs together.....

As I said in last week's post, I had a variety of goals heading in to today's race. Last year, at 29, I PR'd my 10K time and finally broke the 50:00 mark. This year I wanted to ultimately PR again (now that I'm a new decade and age group). If that didn't happen, I wanted to at least break 50:00 again but ultimately have a great race and finish strong with a smile on my face.

I'm happy to report that I crossed the finish line in 48:49 - 10 seconds faster than last year and a new PR! (I'm set for my 30s and PR' much for being #oldpants!) ;) I was on course to actually be closer to 48:00 and possibly break that time, as my 5K was just under 24:00. However it's pretty typical of me to go out a little too fast and reel it back in, especially with 10Ks. I find myself having a hard 3-4 miles and then taper off a bit until the 5.5 mile mark where I bring it on home. It's not the greatest running philosophy and totally goes against the negative splits theory - but hey, it works for me for now. One of these days I'll smarten up and not go out so fast. But for now, I'm enjoying the fact that I have had two fast years of Easter Sun Run 10Ks!

Perhaps the GREATEST part of the day was running the 2-mile race with the Conkling crew. We love the family-friendliness of the race. And this year was even better as it was Mackie's first year that we put her in the 2-mile race. She has done a few 1-mile fun runs with us over the last few months. We hadn't really run a lot due to a super cold and snowy/icy winter, but we always have the following rules at the start with her: 1: We run happy and give glory to God in our race. 2: We can walk or run whenever she wants - Mackie decides when to stop and go and we cheer her on the entire time. 3: We finish what we start. 

The little miss surprised all of us as she ran almost the entire 2 miles in 24:18. I had Brax in the BOB for the first 1.25-1.5 miles or so, and then Jack took over BOB duty so Mackie and I could finish. Each time she slowed down, she'd walk a step or two and then bolt off running, saying: "We have to keep going, mama!" I loved her determination and spirit. It was even more fun with the four of us running together along with the kids' cousins and aunt and uncle (Jack's brother and wife and kids). There were 9 Conklings total doing the 2-miler - the family that runs together, stays together!

I haven't taken a real close look at my training this week and how it will fit in with life in general, but here's what it says (and some slight tweaks in parenthesis as I see fit).

Monday: Easy 45-50 minutes with strength training (after a hectic Easter weekend and a hard race today, I may do just 40-45 minutes - we shall see!)
Tuesday: Speed C workout (WU 5-10 min; 5 min comfy hard pace w/ 2min easy * 4; CD 5-10 min)
Wednesday: XT 40-45 min with strength training
Thursday: 60 minutes with 4x striders (May only do 45-50 min with 4x striders due to time)
Friday: 40-45 minutes easy
Saturday: 12-13 miles (Hoping to get 12-13, but may have to settle for 10-11 due to work commitment that morning)

Have a GREAT week ahead in running, fellow runners out there. May you have a blessed Easter holiday tomorrow as we celebrate Jesus's great sacrifice on the cross. He has Risen!

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