Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mama on the Run: Race Goals Aside...Favorite Race Ever

This week is one of my favorite weeks of spring.

Our family celebrates the death and resurrection of our Savior, Jesus Christ through beautiful, solid Good Friday baptism service and Easter Sunday church services.

Our family of four gets together with both sides of our families to celebrate the Easter holiday through reflection of Christ's amazing sacrifice, fellowship, food, and plenty of spring-time fun.

And finally, it's one of our families favorite races of the year, the Easter Sun Run 10K. Jack and I kicked off our adult racing "careers" (I use that term loosely!) in 2006 with the 10K race. Jack's brother's church supports this fantastic race as they raise money for the fabulous Youth Horizons organization in the Wichita area.

We haven't missed an Easter Sun Run since that first running of it. Since it's always the Saturday before Easter, we've had a smorgasbord of weather - bitter cold, terrible winds, misting rain - and even a few years of perfection (like last year!). I walked the 2-mile race while pregnant with Mackie in 2009 (when I was just getting off of bed rest and had strict demands from my doc to take it easy and NOT run due to some early complications with her). I somewhat slowly ran the 10K in 2011 when I was just getting into my second trimester and about 13.5 weeks with Braxton.

Last year I PR'd at the race - again, it was perfect conditions with temps in the upper 50s, cloudy, and a light mist that quit right as the gun went off. I was also in the midst of training for my third marathon and so had lots of long-distance Saturday mornings on my belt.

As you know, this year, I'm in the middle of Hospital Hill training. And while I haven't done the mega-miles (16, 18, 20 milers) leading up to the race like last year, I'm still feeling good with the 10-11 milers I've been doing these last several weeks and hope it pays off come next Saturday.

I learned (the hard way!) not to go into a race with only one strict goal in mind. I did that for several years and walked away from races mad, disappointed, and pouted in a silly, stupid way.

I now like to go into races with 2-3 goals - and even adjust those come the week, days, and even hours leading into a race.

This year's Easter Sun Run goals include:
PR: Ultimately I'd love to see me break the 48:59 PR time I ran last year. It would be great to do 48:30 if I'm rested, feeling good, weather is great, etc.
Back-up: Break 50:00
Another back-up: Finish strong with a smile while crossing the finish line and do not beat myself up if race day doesn't go "my" way. Enjoy the ride and then really enjoy joining my 4.5-yr-old, hubs, and 2.5-yr old (in the BOB) as we do the 2-mile race as a family after Jack and I compete in the 10K.

And speaking of race goals....I have to give a shout-out to my dear running mama friend (and one of our favorite pediatricians!), Ellen, who threw away her own half-marathon time goals this morning to respond to not only one but two distressed runners at her half-marathon race. She came across one gal at about Mile 7 and helped until responders came, and then another gal at about Mile 10 and again helped until responders came. One was disoriented and hallucinating while the other was not responsive for at least 10 minutes. Ellen spent 40+ minutes assisting and sacrificing her time goals - and went on to finish the race.

That's a true race winner right there, race goal and PR set aside! Congrats, Ellen - not only did you help save those runners, but you're a shining example of selfless love and care.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, fellow runners out there. And remember the real reason why we race!

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