Sunday, April 13, 2014

Mama On The Run: Race Week Adjustments

As I indicated in my previous post, this week is my family's favorite race of the year - the Easter Sun Run 10K. Jack and I are competing in the 10K, and then we'll do the two-mile run as a family. Mackie is excited for her first two-mile race (she's done a few one-mile fun runs and loved them!), while Brax will equally enjoy the fun while cruising in the BOB stroller.

Since it's race week, I'm adjusting my schedule a bit. I actually started to adjust it this past week. Instead of running the scheduled 12-miler yesterday, I ran 10 (remember? awful!). This week I'm scaling back even more. It doesn't help that tomorrow is supposed to be snowing and blowing 20+ mph wind gusts during the morning run time.

Say what? Snow in April. Ack.

Here's what is in store for this coming week on the training front:
Monday: Easy 4-5 miles (most likely on the treadmill...ick ick ick!) with strength training
Tuesday: 4-6 miles with striders with core work
Wednesday: XT 40-45 min with strength training
Thursday: 4-6 miles with striders and core work
Friday: Easy 3-4 miles with lots of stretching
Saturday: RACE DAY! 10K hard race pace w/2-mile fun run afterward with Jack & kids

Happy Running! And bundle up?!

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