Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mama On The Run: Spring Has Sprung....Along with the Allergies

It's only been recently in my adult life that I've fallen victim to seasonal allergies. I never had them growing up and honestly didn't recognize them until shortly after my son (now 2 1/2) was born. Now it seems that each time we have a seasonal change - especially going into spring and sometimes in the fall - I have a few weeks where I feel like I'm a walking zombie, congested and just feeling puny.

This week it hit me hard. Earlier this week we had spring-like weather with 20-30 mph winds that had dust, debris, and junk flying around everywhere. By Tuesday I was feeling the symptoms and on Wednesday afternoon the misery really hit and stayed until Friday, when I finally caved to OTC meds and relief (the extra water, sleep, saline spray, and other natural remedies weren't getting it done).

That being said, I felt like a new woman this morning as I joined my fellow running mama, Jess, for a few miles in my 11-mile route. We're two months out and I'm really feeling good with how the longer runs have been going. Hubs is also working his way up - I'm really hoping that in May we can get some longer miles together as a fun Saturday morning date.

I hope y'all have had great weeks running and are enjoying the sunshine when you can! Spring is here...and crossing my fingers that it's here to stay!

Here's what is on tap for this week on the training schedule:

Monday: Run easy 45-50 minutes with strength training
Tuesday: Speed B workout (WU w/ 10 min easy; 3 min hard run w/ 3 min easy run * 7 times; CD w/ 5 min easy)
Wednesday: XT 40-45 minutes with strength training
Thursday: 45-50 minutes w/ 4 striders
Friday: 35-45 minutes easy
Saturday: 10-12 miles (schedule says 12, but I'm ok with doing a range here with a 10K race next Saturday that I'd like to do well at!)
Sunday: Rest Day (stretching)

Happy Running!

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