Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mama On The Run: Last "Big" Week Ahead

Less than three weeks remain until hubs and I conquer Hospital Hill Re-Run (5K & half-marathon races within 12 hours time) - it's so close, we can taste it!

I was extremely encouraged by our hillier 13-miler yesterday morning. It was the longest run we would do leading up to the half-marathon race on June 7, and it was definitely the hilliest we had run to prep for the upcoming hilly course. My legs felt great yesterday and feel even better today. They actually feel the best they've felt in all of my double-digit runs done these last several weeks of training.

In fact, they felt so good, I went ahead and rounded out my race schedule for this summer and fall by signing up for a favorite Titan 10K race on July 12 (the hardest part is running 6.2 miles in the July heat!) and the Prairie Fire Half Marathon on Oct. 12 (this is the first time I'll be running this race as thew somewhat newly-formed PFM, as the last time I ran it the course was much different!).

But focusing on the weeks ahead, this is the last "big" week of running before taper time!

My Jenny Hadfield advanced half-marathon training plan will once again have some tweaks this week. Hubs will be working most of the upcoming Memorial Day weekend and so the double-digit run will need to get done before he leaves. I may tweak this plan as the days progress, but here goes:

Monday: Run easy 45 min with strength training
Tuesday: Speed D workout (Warm-up 5-10 min; Tempo pace 30 min; Cool-down 5-10 min)
Wednesday: XT 40-45 min with strength training
Thursday: Run 50 min with 4x striders
Friday: Run 10-miler Race Pace
Saturday: Run 40-45 min easy (may have to do some with kids in stroller or super early due to hubs' work schedule)
Sunday: Rest/Stretch/Core work

Have a great week of running, friends! Let's go out and ROCK it!

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