Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mama On The Run: Mama's Day Style

Happy Mother's Day, fellow running mamas out there! For you Hospital Hill peeps, I'm tweaking my usual weekly training update in honor of MD. I have included this week's workout below, FYI!

One of the greatest joys in life I have as a mama is running and being active with my kids. I remember being pregnant with Mackie and getting giddy over thoughts of taking her out in the BOB for a run and a stroll around the neighborhood. I envisioned her and daddy at the finish line of races. And then I pictured the day she'd finally be able to run with mommy (or daddy) in a race. 

Same with Brax. I couldn't wait to bust out the BOB (a double one this go-round) and take him for a stroll.....for him to be at the finish line of races...for him to eventually run across the finish line. All of these things have happened over the years and it's such a treat to see my kids enjoy the lifetime sport of running.

Both of my babes love, love, love their BOB time. So does mommy. Mackie is slowly getting to the size of being too big for the stroller. I tear up just thinking about the day when we have to say good-bye to the double BOB and go back to the single one with Brax. I love pushing both of my babes in that thing (not to mention Mackie doesn't have the riding a bike thing down yet, so having her bike next to me while I run with Brax isn't an option right now). 

So I cherish each and every moment I have running with these two. They've turned in to great running partners. Mackie is usually the entertainer and Brax's second mommy, busying herself with making sure he's doing okay. Brax, meanwhile, is my "encourager" as he yells if I'm going too slow - "Go faster, mommy! RUN!!" Quite the motivator, I tell you. 

*Note: These days, I usually use my BOB running time with the kids for secondary workouts - post-naps, when I'd like to get a few more miles in. There are times when I've had to do my primary weekly workouts (4-6 miles) with both kids in the BOB and let me tell you, I'm a firm believer that the stroller doubles the miles you usually do! I'm pushing between 70-75 pounds of kid plus a stroller (and usually 15-20 mph wind gusts). Total body workout, I tell ya.

And now that both kidlets are older, I always let Mackie get out in our neighborhood for a .5-1 mile jaunt, and then Brax gets out for another short lap around the 'hood. There's nothing better than running with a preschooler and toddler to remind you about how much FUN running should be! 

So here's to a HAPPY running week ahead, folks!

WEEK #11 HALF-MARATHON TRAINING PLAN (from Coach Jenny Hadfield):
Monday: Run easy 50 minutes w/strength
Tuesday: Speed D Workout (warm-up 5 min; easy run 15 min; tempo run 25 min (80-85%); easy 2 min; cool-down 5 min)
Wednesday: XT 40-45 minutes w/strength
Thursday: Run 50-60 min w/ 4x striders
Friday: Run easy 35-40 min
Saturday: Long run 12-13 miles
Sunday: OFF/Stretch Day

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