Saturday, May 17, 2014

Mama On the Run: A Running Date

What do you do when the grandparents take the kids overnight? 

You have a long run scheduled for Saturday morning, of course!

Jack and I had flash backs to our pre-kidlets days this morning, as we conquered a double-digit run together! It was the first time in years that we pounded the pavement together for more than 5-6 miles. 

It was our longest run of Hospital Hill training to date - only one more 10-miler and then it's all downhill (aka: taper time!) from here! And speaking of the down hills....we definitely had to get some hills in our run this morning. We parked at a friend's house in a neighborhood up north and hit the hillier parts of Reno County, including the Highlands Golf Course. There are some "nice" and winding hills up there - I use the term "nice" loosely as it's a killer (aka: not so fun) challenge. 

But that's the thing about challenges. It's to keep pressing on when the going (or hills!) gets tough. One foot forward, the other foot forward, keep moving, moving, moving. 

13 miles later, a hot shower, and a quick change later, and we found ourselves enjoying the best part of double-digit runs: eating! I tend to not be so hungry the longer distances I go (until hours after I'm done running), but I was ravenous after today's almost 2-hour adventure and the hills. 

So to brunch we went, where we enjoyed pancakes, hash browns, fruit, and coffee guilt-free.....and kid-free. 

And now, while the kids and hubs are sleeping away in a post-grandma/grandpa overnighter and a post-pancake coma, I'm propping my feet up to Cooking Light and cheesy Saturday afternoon movies on the tube.

It's a glorious Saturday indeed around here!

I'll be posting my upcoming weekly workout tomorrow. Hospital Hill friends, we're oh-so close! THREE weeks until race day - wahoo!

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