Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Colorado Vacay - Part One: An Active Family

Directly after Jack and I enjoyed a few days in Kansas City, we hopped in the car, picked up my brother and drove 10 hours to meet up with my parents and the kids, as well as my aunt and uncle, cousins, and cousin's kids, for a few days in Keystone. 

We drove through heavy rain and thunderstorms for a good half of the trip out to Colorado - it turned to snow about an hour outside of the mountains. Nothing like leaving hot and humid Kansas for snow-filled Colorado for a summer family vacation!

My mom and aunt scored a nice cabin-like home that housed the 15 of us for the four days we were there. The sights were stunning and the neighborhood was gorgeous. That meant every single morning, I was out run-walking to simply enjoy the sites, stunning views, and challenges that only mountains and altitude provide. My dad and Jack joined me some mornings, but I enjoyed my time alone as well. Who wouldn't love these views?!

I totally understand why Colorado is one of the fittest states in the nation. Everyone was out and about - walking, running, hiking, biking, you name it! Even the shopping areas had walking trails between the outlet stores. It's one reason I love Colorado in the summer. The weather is about perfect and you can get out and enjoy it!

Perhaps the most enjoyable event of our trip was a family bike ride that we took on Day #1. My parents, brother, Jack, the kids, and I all rented bikes one afternoon and biked about 9 miles along the mountain trails. It was a super-cute bike shop and the kids loved being in the trailer - for the most part. 

It was stunning to bike alongside God's creation. Coming from Kansas, this flat-lander finds the mountains so majestic.

More to come on our Colorado adventures!

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