Saturday, June 21, 2014

Colorado Vacay - Part Three: The Big Train Ride & Family Time

The day finally arrived in vacation - the one that the kids (namely Brax!) had been talking about for weeks. 


My parents stumbled across this fantastic train ride through the mountains in a small, quaint town called Georgetown. Mom found it online a few months before vacay and told the kids about it. You can imagine the daily conversations we had in our house leading up to Colorado! 

After a slight delay, our train took off in the late morning with beautiful views - again, I was amazed by the incredible sights and majestic mountains that God created. 

We were pretty much out over this cascading water (and highway) with nothing stopping the trail from derailing and us falling several hundred feet. Yep, you can guess that this is as far as I'd look. I was clinging and praying that we'd safely cross (in a hurry!).

One of our train conductors had former stints working with Thomas the Train and the Polar Express. Brax was amazed by him and couldn't believe he "worked" with Thomas. Love the brains of a toddler!

It was a great time - despite Brax's attempts at chucking his beloved Thomas toy out the train several times - and the hour-long ride was the perfect length of time for our little ones. We then ate lunch and looked around all of the cute shops along Georgetown's main street. Again, it was pretty quaint and small. 

As I said in previous posts, we met my immediate family out in Colorad, but also bunked with my aunt and uncle (from the DC area) and then my cousin and his wife and kids (from Colorado Springs). We spent one of our evenings celebrating my uncle's birthday with a drive out to Breckenridge for a nice dinner. (above pic shows our views heading up the mountains of Breck - again, stunning!). I would have loved to go back to Breckenridge and peruse all of those shops. They were typical ski-resort shops and looked like a lot of fun. Next time!

One perk of going out to a nice dinner was getting dolled up a bit! I found a steal of a deal dress at Gap Outlet for Mackie for only $5 while we were there. It was the perfect "party" dress and she loved showing it off to the family to celebrate Uncle Bill's big birthday.

We had a wonderful time vacationing in both Kansas City and Colorado. It was a treat to see my mom's side of the family, who we're fortunate to see once every other year or so - but even better that we all stayed together. Nights were usually filled with our littles in bed with the rest of us adults and older kids playing board games, watching cheesy 80s flicks, and being together. 

What I wouldn't give right now to be back in the crisp, cool Colorado air! 

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