Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Colorado Vacay - Part Two: New Experiences

Our vacay brought along some unexpected new experiences - emphasis on the unexpected. I was pretty pleased with my type-A, have to plan everything self. For four days I was pretty laid back!

The biggest new experience was Mackie getting her ears pierced. Jack and I had been discussing her getting them pierced for her 5th birthday (in August). Well, it just sort of happened on a whim. It was our last day there - rainy and dreary - and Mackers and I went shopping for a new "party" dress to wear at our uncle's birthday dinner that night. (more on that one later) We stopped in at a jewelry store to get some nail polish and other pretties and there it was - the ear piercing chair.

I quickly texted Jack for permission and the rest is history. As you can see in pics, she was super excited! She talked a mile a minute during the entire process. It was quite entertaining for everyone involved!


Wincing while clipping hair back - I thought we might be in for a tough customer.

They pulled double-duty and pierced all at once. Genius! 

The end result. A pretty sweet pea who's pretty proud of her "diamond" earrings!

Brax had his own first experience of sorts. It wasn't the same as getting ears pierced - but he enjoyed his first experience with eating lemons while waiting for food at dinner. The kid loved them, and had the cutest "sour" facial expressions. Definitely was the hit at the dinner table. 

And the biggest hit of the entire vacay that surpassed lemon samplings and ear piercings? Both kidlets sleeping in one big bed together! 

Our original room arrangement was having Brax in a small mattress in the walk-in closet while Mackie slept on the other side of our bed on the futon. It just did not work. Mackie woke up every two hours crying and scared. Brax woke up because Mackie woke up. 

After Night #1, we ditched the small mattress and moved the futon mattress into the walk-in closet for their own dreamland. They have never slept in the same bed before and thought it was one fun party every night and nap time! And they did great. Honestly - it was the best decision of our entire vacation. They enjoyed wrestling and playing with each other and then fell asleep in each other's arms (as you can see). 

We all enjoyed more sleep (as much sleep as you can get while all sleeping in one room, in a different bed, with 12 other people in the house, etc). 

Next up - a special family train ride adventure! (it's Brax's turn for fun!)

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