Sunday, June 1, 2014

Mama on the Run: Birthday Miles & It's (Almost) Go Time!

It's finally here - RACE WEEK, fellow Hospital Hill runners! 

I kicked off this week with 6.1 miles for turning the big 31 on 06.01.14. I typically take off Sunday, but couldn't help pounding the pavement and celebrating a new year of life with a good ole' run. It's my personal birthday present (capped off with church and a Starbucks coffee treat from hubs - perfect Sunday morning!). 

This afternoon the fam and I ventured to my parents' pool, a staple in the Conkling casa during the summer months. We spend a good 3-5 days a week out here, weather permitting. I love swimming laps, cooling off and stretching/water jogging, as well as splashing around with my little water babies. The water felt great today and really helped me stretch out after four consecutive days of running.

It's the final taper week - can you believe that we'll be racing this coming Friday/Saturday?! Eek! Hubs and I are deeming this race filled with the triple H: heat, humidity, and hills. I'll post my race goals later on this week, but will note that I'm not so focused on time as I am embracing the challenge of the hills and celebrating my 31st birthday/9th wedding anniversary while running alongside Jack.

This first week of June is super fun - and it will cap off with what I can only hope is a super fun race! Here's the taper week ahead....I will not overdo it, I will not over do it, I will NOT overdo it! (so tempting to want to do more during taper week, right?!)

Monday: Run 40 min easy with strength (easy) and stretching
Tuesday: Rest - may do a little walking or light bike ride and stretching/core work, but EASY!!
Wednesday: Run 30 min with pick-ups and light strength training and some stretching/core work
Thursday: Rest - completely off!
Friday: Travel Day with 5K race at night plus plenty of stretching
Saturday: RACE DAY!! 13.1 miles of hills and fun! (hopefully fun, or why are we doing it?!)

Happy Race Week, folks!

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