Friday, June 13, 2014

Mama on the Run: Final Hospital Hill Race Re-Cap - and What's Next?

I know I've given you a race recap of our weekend Hospital Hill adventure, but I wanted to share some pics from the race photogs.

Friday night's 5K race was a big muggy, warm (could have been much warmer, so thankful for some cloud coverage!), and of course, hilly. It was a good "practice" run (25:34) and gave us a glimpse of what we were in for on Saturday's half-marathon.

Hand in hand, crossing together. Love my husband and his constant support!

Saturday was a completely different story, weather-wise and attitude-wise. I went from giddy and light on my feet (Friday) to pouting and wanting to quit (so not like my competitive attitude!). My attitude was as gloomy as the pouring down rain we had the last 11 miles of the race. As I mentioned before, I hadn't felt that "off" in an entire race in a very long time.

Sure, the conditions weren't great. But they weren't great for anyone. We all were sloshing along in soaking wet clothes and shoes for 90% of the race.

Sure, the hills were tough - I knew they would be. For some reason, though, they seemed more like mountains than they did hills that Saturday morning. I don't know if it was the weather delay at the start, the weather, the course itself, but I was done. Hubs pushed me through - as you know! - and kept telling me to power through because I'd regret not finishing strong after things didn't go "my" way the first half of the race.

Another hand-in-hand finish. Jack is AMAZING! He gave up a faster time for himself to stick with me the entire way. What a guy! 

I'm so glad Jack pushed me to the finish line. I would have hated throwing in the towel. And while I wasn't pleased with my time (2:03), I'm happy with the lessons it gave me.

I know I keep throwing these words from Coach Jenny out there, but they're a great mantra to take with racing runners: "Celebrate every finish line. Some are slower, some are faster, but they all create your running mosaic."

Hospital Hill taught me that I don't have to PR to feel challenged. The hills and weather were my challenge last Saturday, and crossing that finish line was victory enough.

Race Shout-Outs: Thanks again, Hospital Hill crew, for allowing me to blog about my training and race adventures every step of the way these last several months! It was a memorable race - both of them! - and I hope to come back in the future to once again conquer those hills.

If you want a good challenge (speaking to my fellow flat-lander runners!), then these races are perfect! I think the 5K/10K Re-Run would also be a fun challenge if you're not quite wanting or ready to do the half-marathon. I know I'm tempted to come back and try out the 10K course instead of the half-marathon course. The volunteers were WONDERFUL - even in the rain! - and the course was beautiful, with an awesome finish line experience in Crown Center. We enjoyed the weekend stay at the Sheraton, too, which was perfect as it was a mere minutes near the start/finish lines of both races.

Training Mode: These next few weeks will be recovery mode and enjoying a non-training schedule. I spent the last several days in the mountains of Colorado with my family, enjoying the beautiful scenery while I walked, hiked, ran, and mountain biked with the hubs and kidlets in tow. For now, I plan on running 3-5 times a week with some cross training and strength training thrown in there. I'll probably start training for my fall half in mid-July, but more details on that in a later post.

Race Mode: On the race front, there's the Titan 10K & 1-mile run (with daughter!) coming up in mid-July, followed by the Prairie Fire Half Marathon in October, and of course another favorite 10K, the Love Life Run in Hutchinson (love supporting great local races!).

Of course I have some of my own races to help coordinate through my job at Hutchinson Recreation Commission, with our Hutch Rec Race Series kicking off the Firecracker 5K on June 28; Salty Dog/Salty Pup Triathlons on Aug. 9; and Run for the Rocks Half Marathon on Sept. 21.

I'd love to see any or all of you at our Hutch Rec Race Series events! Feel free to email me at if you're interested and I can get you a discount (note: our Salty Dog Tri is now filled! We're only taking registrations for Firecracker 5K and Run for the Rocks events).

Happy Running, friends!

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