Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mama on the Run: We Conquered the Hills!

We survived the hills....twice this weekend at our first Hospital Hill experience.

As you know, Jack and I celebrated our 9th anniversary and my 31st birthday with a Hospital Hill weekend in KC. 

We kicked off our 16.2 mile adventure with the race expo - a shopping Mecca for runners! This was a bday present for myself....this girl loves running and Kansas!

Jack and I did a warm-up Friday night in the form of the race's 5k run. We finished - hand in hand / with a time of 25:45. Nice and easy before the 13.1 miles ahead of us 

Storms threatened Saturday's race day. Forecasters predicted 100% rain and they didn't disappoint. The race was delayed by 30 min , which is tough mentally for any runner, but you go with it. By 7:30, we - along with everyone else - we're ready to run! 

Race conditions weren't ideal, but again, you adjust mentally, physically, and emotionally. Thankfully the clouds made it a bit cooler. The first two miles were cloudy and comfortable....and then the rains came down. And down. And down. It rained on us the entire last 11 miles if the race. 

At about Mile 7, I had a runner pity party and wanted to be done with it all. It's been years since I has that attitude - and I was filled with every excuse to just throw in the towel - race wasn't going my way, my time was terrible, blah blah blah. Thankfully my husband - who also coaches basketball and track - ever so sweetly reminded my WHY we were doing this. 

The words of a Coach Jenny Hadfield popped in my head around Mile 10, when again I wish it was over:  "Celebrate every finish line. Some are faster, others are slower, but they all create your running mosaic."

She's a smart woman, eh?!

Jack and I finished strong - again hand in hand - in one if my slowest half-marathon times ever: 2:03.50. It was also the toughest between the hills, downpours, and delay.

But again, I celebrate the finish line. I threw the time goals out into the rain storm and relished in simply crossing the finish line of a difficult course (our hilliest by far!) on a challenging day.

And check out the bling bling bling! That's one medal each for the 5k, half-marathon, and the Re-Run challenge.

A huge thanks to Hospital Hill race management and the superb volunteers along the course! The rain didn't deter their efforts and they were one if the best crews I've experienced in all my years if racing.

Thanks also to the HH crew for allowing me to blog about my adventures! It is an honor to say that I conquered THE hills!

I'm happy to be in recovery mode for a few weeks....but that doesn't mean I'll stop blogging! Please continue to follow my crazy adventures in life, family, and running. 

Happy Running!

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