Saturday, July 5, 2014

July 4th Fun!

I have to say that July 4th is one of my favorite holidays. It's one of those days in our family that is a mix of laid-back and scheduled fun. 

I typically go for a run in the morning and then we load up the car in our red, white, and blue for a Starbucks treat before hitting the Downtown Hutch Patriot's Day parade. I personally enjoy the July 4th parade over the Christmas parade, but that's just me. Something about sunshine, patriotism, and a long parade (and I mean looonnng!) to get you in the holiday spirit! It also helps that we know so many people who are involved - including my parents, who walk with my dad's work, and everyone in the Hutch Rec float. One of these years I'm sure the kidlets will enjoy being on a float or walking/biking in the parade. Until then, they're loving (loving!) the handfuls of candy they gather up.

After the parade we usually come home and rest up for an afternoon of swimming at grandma and papa's pool! This year Mackie surprised all of us when she jumped off the diving board and swam to the ladder all by herself. She did it 1-2 times, but of course by the time I wanted to film her she was done. Murphy's law, I tell ya. 

Of course we participated in pyro-technic fun, too! We were a bit limited this year, but the kiddos got a kick out of the snappers, poppers, smoke bombs, and sparklers (Mackie slightly burned the tip of her finger while touching the sparkler - ouch! - but that was our only accident). On a whim we joined our neighbors and sitter and her kids to watch daddy and Mr. Tim blow up more fireworks in the driveway. 

Daredevil Mackie loved being in the midst of the smoke and sparkles, while Brax-man ran off after every loud noise (hense the ear'muffs' in the picture). 

Happy July 4th! May we continue to remember and honor those (past and present) who have sacrificed so much for us so that we may enjoy the freedoms we have today! And God Bless America...we pray that our freedoms are not taken lightly!

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